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Chinese New Year 2021: Where to get special CNY menus in KL this year

Reunion dinners will definitely be a tad (or very) different this year. You won't be able to have large gatherings with friends and families like we used to do. This Lunar New Year, we will have to make do with celebrating at the comfort of our own homes. However, that isn't necessarily a bad thing at all.

It's the New Normal and we can still find Ox-some ways to return a sense of normalcy into our lives — and in this case, the food. To make things easier for you, these places in KL have curated CNY-inspired menus that are available for takeaway and delivery. You can also click here for Yee Sang options and here for CNY gift guide for foodies.

1 | Le Meridien Kuala Lumpur

Photo: Le Meridien Kuala Lumpur

Chef Teh, the hotel’s Chinese banquet chef, and his team have curated an ensemble of prosperous set menus with sumptuous Chinese dishes for reunions, as well as intimate celebrations to welcome the arrival of the Spring Festival. Available from 5 to 26 February 2021, there are three different six-course set menus to choose from. They are Prosperity Set

Menu, Longevity Set Menu, and Wealth Set Menu.

Highlights include Double-Boiled Chicken Soup with Cordyceps Flower and Mushrooms, Steamed Fish with Traditional Sauce, Deep-Fried Chicken with Mongolian Sauce, Cereal Butter Prawns, as well as Braised Broccoli, Mushrooms, and Money Bag with Oyster Sauce.

Price: From RM88 nett per person to RM108 nett per person

How to order: Here


2 | New World Petaling Jaya Hotel

Photo: New World Petaling Jaya Hotel

For the Year of the Ox, the hotel is presenting a delightful array of Chinese New Year goodies for takeaway that are ideal as gifts of well wishes or for celebrations at home. Available until 28 February 2021, the selection includes seasonal dishes with auspicious set menus and hearty Poon Choy.

The Chinese New Year Prosperity Treasure Set (for five to six persons) comprises of Traditional Poon Choy, Prawn or Smoked Salmon Yee Sang, and Auspicious Fortune Cake whereas the Abundance of Wealth set comes with dishes such as Wok-fried Tiger Prawn with Salted Egg, Deep Fried Nian Gao, Steamed Garoupa with Fresh Beancurd Stick and Light Soy Sauce, and more.

Price: Chinese New Year Prosperity Treasure Set, RM428; Abundance of Wealth, RM588

How to order: Contact 010 216 3810 or marketing.petalingjaya@newworldhotels.com


3 | Sofitel Kuala Lumpur Damansara

Photo: Sofitel Kuala Lumpur Damansara

The hotel has concocted prosperous takeaway specials, exclusively curated for this Lunar New Year. The a la carte menu includes the likes of Steamed Farm Chicken with Minced Ginger, Crispy Boneless Chicken with Mixed Fruits Salad, Homemade Beancurd with Shredded Scallop and Conpoy Sauce, Wok Fried Butter Prawns with Curry Leaf topped with Shredded Egg and Coconut, Wok Charred Marinated Rack of Lamb, as well as a selection of dim sum.

Price: From RM38

How to order: Here


4 | Grand Hyatt Kuala Lumpur

Photo: Grand Hyatt Kuala Lumpur

The hotel has curated a series of quintessential culinary delights to be enjoyed at the comfort of your own home. The Prosperity Abalone Treasure Pot (served with clay pot) consists of eight-head abalone, dried scallops, dried oysters, sea cucumber, tiger prawns, smoked duck breast, mushroom, lotus root, Chinese cabbage, and broccoli. You can also opt for the Abundance six-course, Auspicious eight-course, or Grand Reunion nine-course menus that can accommodate up to 10 pax.

Price: Prosperity Abalone Treasure Pot, RM294.40, Set menus from RM752

How to order: Here


5 | The St. Regis Kuala Lumpur

Photo: The St. Regis Kuala Lumpur

The hotel's Classic Afternoon Tea takes a twist for Chinese New Year. Inspired by the House of Fortune, you'll find an Ox-picious selection of sweet and savoury treats. They include Mushroom Quiche, Marinated Kam Heong Prawn, Classic Tuna Sandwich, Chinese Barbeque Chicken Puff, Carrot Cake with Sweet Sauce, Nian Gao, Steamed Prosperity Cake, Mini Mandarin Ginger Cake, Bird's Nest Licorice, Gold Sesame Brownie and Ganache Cake, Chinese New Year Tart, and Cherry, Mango and Lotus Cream Fire Cracker. The Afternoon Tea set is now available for both takeaway and delivery.

Price: RM130+ per person

How to order: Here


6 | Mandarin Oriental Kuala Lumpur

Photo: Mandarin Oriental Kuala Lumpur

For Lunar New Year, Mandarin Oriental KL has curated two special menus — Fortune Set Menu and Prosperity Set Menu. Dishes include the likes of Wok fried dragon-tiger grouper fillet with spring onions, coriander and superior sauce; Braised Japanese sun-dried scallops, sea cucumber, dried oysters and fatt choy; Fragrant fried rice with black truffles, scallops and egg white; Oven-baked honey cod fish fillet on the bed of milky clouds; as well as Crispy prawns coated with lemon dressing, garnished with tropical fruit salsa and tobiko.

Price: From RM672

How to order: Here


7 | Shangri-La Kuala Lumpur

Photo: Shangri-La Kuala Lumpur

There are two set menus to choose from: Great Prosperity Set Menu and Rich Fortune Set Menu. Dishes include the likes of Braised lobster soup with crab roe, sea cucumber and dried scallop; Braised sun-dried oyster with sea moss and sea cucumber in oyster sauce; Steamed rice with assorted meat and abalone wrapped in lotus leaf; Steamed red grouper with fish maw and pickle cabbage in superior soya sauce; as well as Sautéed fresh scallop and prawn with assorted vegetables served in crispy yam ring.

Price: From RM990 per set (accommodates up to five)

How to order: Here


8 | W Kuala Lumpur

Photo: W Kuala Lumpur

Yen at W KL is offering a selection of Lunar New Year Specialty Dim Sum. They include Deep Fried Golden Fun Guo with Prawn Meat and Superior Chive Soup; Steamed Shanghai Fortune Dumplings with Herbs Broth and Gold Flake; Oven Baked Fatt Choi Abalone Pie with Chicken Onion Filling; and more. You can also get special CNY dishes such as Wok Fried Lobster Meat with Truffles, Arrowhead, and Asparagus; as well as Braised Premium Assorted Hot Dish (or Poon Choy).

Price: Dim Sum from RM8; Poon Choy at RM268 per person (minimum order for four)

How to order: Here


9 | Four Points by Sheraton Kuala Lumpur Chinatown

Photo: Four Points by Sheraton KL Chinatown

The Spring Happiness Set is an eight-course sumptuous fare that includes the hotel's Triple Prosperity Yee Sang, Double Boiled Fish Maw Consommé, Baked Cod in a Ginseng Soy Sauce Paste, and Crispy Five-Spice Salt and Pepper Chicken.

Price: From RM268

How to order: Contact 012 507 3327


10 | Skillet at 163

Photo: Skillet At 163

For Chinese New Year, feast on the Prosperity Bowl with Foie Gras that's inspired by Lap Mei Fan. Each bowl can accommodate up to three pax.

Price: RM128 per Prosperity Bowl

How to order: Here


11 | Maria's SteakCafe

For Chinese New Year, Maria's SteakCafe is offering Prosperous Set — available from 30 January to 26 February 2021. The set comprises of one large Yee Sang (pulled beef or smoked salmon), two portions of Spicy Mussels, two portions of Caesar Salad, 10 portions of Mushroom Soup, three portions of Australian Hereford Rib Eye (200 grammes to 220 grammes), three portions of N.Z. Lamb Cutlet, three portions of Spaghetti Seafood Aglio Olio, and two portions of Chicken Parmigiana. Dessert comprises of Moist Chocolate Loaf Cake (two portions).

There is also Abundant Set that's suitable for a smaller group (four to six persons). You also have the option to upgrade your beef to Australian Black Angus Rib Eye, Australian Wagyu MB7 Rib Eye, and Australian Wagyu MB9 Rib Eye.

Price: RM838+ per set (Prosperous Set, up to 10 pax); RM538+ (Abundant Set, up to six pax)

How to order: Here


12 | Luk Yu Tea House (The Starhill Dining)

Luk Yu Tea House is offering a special Dim Sum Platter for Chinese New Year this 2021. Crafted by Chef Jun, the exclusive set comprises of options such as Steamed chicken and prawn dumplings; Steamed glutinous rice with chicken; Deep-fried yam puffs with chicken and mushroom; Crispy bean curd skin rolls with prawn and cheese; Steamed bean curd roll with garoupa and chicken; as well as Steamed crystal prawn dumplings.

Price: RM118 per platter

How to order: Contact 018 632 8060 or enquiries@thestarhilldining.com


13 | The Ritz-Carlton Kuala Lumpur

Available until 28 February 2021, Executive Chinese Chef Alex Au and his team have curated specially curated set menus featuring The Reunion Stars — a collection of reunion star dishes that emphasises on tradition. They include Li Yen’s Deluxe Chinese Casserole; Hong Kong-Style Waxed Meat Clay Pot Rice; Braised Dried Oysters with Sea Moss; Stir-Fried Prawns with Macadamia Nuts and Truffle Sauce; Roasted Pipa Duck; as well as Slow-Cooked Kurobuta.

How to order: Here


15 | JW Marriott Kuala Lumpur

Led by Shanghainese native Executive Chinese Chef Wong Wing Yeuk, the hotel's Shanghai is where you can get unique and delectable creations such as the Signature Shanghainese Casserole layered with decadent ingredients; Shanghainese Family Hot Pot with Assorted Dried Seafood in Casserole; Sautéed Fresh Water Shrimps with Long Jin Tea Leaves; and Braised Spanish Pig’s Trotter with Sea Moss in Brown Sauce.

How to order: Here


Stay tuned for updates to the list!

As part of the New Normal, deliveries and takeaways have become increasingly common — especially for those who prefer staying in as much as possible (amid pandemic concerns). Good news is that you will still be able to feast on your favourite meals at home as more F&B establishments adapt to the change in societal behaviours; and start bringing treats right to your door step.

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