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Chinese New Year 2021: Your definitive foodie's gift guide

Hey there, it's Ronn!

Chinese New Year celebrations will definitely be tad different this year but the festive spirit lives on. Here, I've put together a list of options that are ideal as CNY gifts and many of them can be delivered as well — whether they are for yourself or for loved ones.

1 | CNY Petits Gâteaux (Creme De La Creme)

Photo: Creme De La Creme

Ice cream cakes, anyone? For 2021, CDLC has curated four petits gâteaux. Jade Bamboo is made with salted caramel ice cream, mango passion sorbet, pineapple hibiscus compote, almond joconde, and white chocolate dip whereas Moo-moo comprises of milk ice cream, aged Pu er tea ice cream, Japanese yuzu sorbet, milk crumb, and white chocolate dip. As for Lo Gam, you will find French dark chocolate ice cream, mandarin sorbet, homemade candied orange, hazelnut crunch, orange ganache, and dark chocolate dip. Last but not least, "Huat Ah!" consists of organic honey chrysanthemum ice cream, lychee rose sorbet, peach sorbet, and white chocolate dip.

Price: RM118 for a set of four

How to order: Contact 012 281 5123 (Uptown Damansara) or 017 317 0823 (Mont Kiara)


2 | Ji Xiang 吉祥 Hamper (Chocolat World)

Photo: Chocolat World

For Lunar New Year, Chocolat World has a plethora of goodies to choose from and one of them is Ji Xiang 吉祥. The hamper consists of Almond Biscotti, Matcha Green Tea, Chocolate Chip Oat Cookies, Sakura Kueh Bangkit, Pineapple Truffles, Gourmet Cookies, Seasalt Brownie Biscuit, Crunch Crunch (Cornflakes Coated with Dark and Milk Belgium Chocolate), as well as basket and decor.

Price: RM238

How to order: Here


3 | Keep Calm and Carry Ong Pack (The Tapping Tapir)

Photo: The Tapping Tapir

The festive gift pack comprises of 12 Tapping Tapir Light flavours. Among them are Rose Green Light, Borneo Krim Light, Hibiscus and Lime Light, Apple and Vanilla Light, Orange and Jasmine Light, as well as Osmanthus Black Light. You get one can per flavour. The pack also comes with a Keep Calm and Carry Ong canvas bag.

Price: RM88

How to order: Here


4 | CNY Assortment Gift Box (Nespresso)

Photo: Nespresso

For Chinese New Year, Nespresso concocted a special blend reflecting the vibrant and rich Chinese culture. The Shanghai Lungo blend is described as smooth and fruity. The Assortment Gift Box comprises of two sleeves of Shanghai Lungo as well as one sleeve each of Inspirazione Venezia, Inspirazione Napoli, Inspirazione Ristretto Italiano, Master Origins Nicaragua, Barista Creations Corto, Master Origins Colombia, Barista Creations Scuro, and Linizio Lungo. You will also get two Angpow sets and door stickers.

Price: RM239; RM23 per sleeve for Shanghai Lungo

How to order: Here


5 | Six Senses Flight (Jann)

Photo: Jann

For something boozy, you'd want to consider the gift of cocktails. The collection of six bottled cocktails to pique the palate include 甜 (Tián; Sweet), 酸 (Suān; Sour), 苦 (Kǔ; Bitter), 辣 (Là; Spicy), 咸 (Xián; Salty), and 鲜 (Xiān; Umami). Pour over ice and complete the drink with your choice of dehydrated fruits.

Price: RM138

How to order: Contact 012 507 3327


6 | Treasure Cabinet (Unbox by Huff and Puff)

Photo: Unbox by Huff and Puff

Part of Unbox's 2021 CNY collection, Treasure Box is a modern take on a traditional mini herbal shop. Specially curated by Chai Huat Hin, you will find herbal soup packs containing exceptional ingredients in an antique style wooden cabinet. They include Premium Braised Abalone, Uncle Fisher Scallops, Red Dates Walnut, Cordyceps Flower, Premium Japanese Mushrooms, and Dried Scallops. You can also get your gift personalised with a name engraved on a red wooden tag.

Price: RM368

How to order: Here


7 | Oh Cha Matcha x Lo Hong Ka

Photo: Oh Cha Matcha

For the Year of the Ox, Oh Cha Matcha is collaborating with Lo Hong Ka, a well-known producer of instant bird’s nest products in Malaysia. Presented in an eco-friendly gold print juco bag, the gift set comprises of four different flavours of matcha-flavoured bottled drinks featuring Lo Hong Ka’s all-natural concentrated gold bird’s nest, a box of homemade Matcha pineapple tarts, as well as Oh Cha Matcha and Lo Hong Ka red packets.

The drinks include Pineapple with Matcha, Mandarin Orange with Matcha, Red Dates and Goji Berries with Matcha, and Chrysanthemum with Matcha. The gift bag is available for purchase on both Oh Cha Matcha's and Lo Hong Ka's websites.

Price: RM168

How to order: Oh Cha Matcha | Lo Hong Ka


8 | Botanica Chinese New Year Collection (Botanica + C0)

Photo: Botanica + Co

For CNY, Botanica + Co has introduced the Mandarin Macarons Box and The Good Spring Cookies Box. The former comprises of six pieces of macarons made with almond, egg white, mandarin orange, dark chocolate, cream, butter, and sugar whereas the latter consists of six types of cookies. They include Pineapple Tart, Sesame Cookie, Chocolate Pistachio Cookie, Peanut Butter Cookie, Vanilla Pumpkin Cookie, and Butter Cookie.

Price: RM62 (Mandarin Macarons Box); RM60 (The Good Spring Cookies Box)

How to order: Here


9 | CNY Prosperity Gift Bundle (Benns Ethicoa)

Photo: Benns Ethicoa

A collaboration between Benns Ethicoa and Ohbeatricee, the gift set comprises of Almond Florentine, Roasted Natural Hazelnut Gianduja Butter (Stone ground), Roasted Natural Almond Praline Butter (Stone ground), as well as two Bean-to-bar Chocolates — 72% Dark Sungai Ruan Chocolate with Orange Peel and 68% Dark Chemor Chocolate Bar.

Price: RM128.01

How to order: Here


10 | Bounteous Gift Set (Langit Collective)

Photo: Langit Collective

Part of Langit's 2021 Chinese New Year Gift Box’s theme of “Spring Renascence”, the two-tier Bounteous Gift Box comprises of a myriad of top-notch household necessities. They include Beras Sia’ (heirloom red rice) by Langit, Lada Bihis (black peppercorn) by Langit, First Draw Soy Sauce by Mu Artisan, Beras Rumie (heirloom black rice) by Langit, and more. Each box also comes with one set of Langit’s CNY Ang Pow.

Price: RM299

How to order: Here


11 | Golden Abundance Hamper (Marks & Spencer)

Photo: Marks & Spencer

Marks & Spencer has put together some much-loved New Year favourites in this hamper. You will find 16 different items in the Golden Abundance hamper. They include Sparkling Normandy Apple Juice, Belgian Biscuit Collection, Peppermint Creams, Swiss Chocolate Neapolitans, Rich Roast Instant Coffee, 60 Luxury Gold Teabags, Limited Edition English Spring Honey, and Chocolate Chips Cookies among others.

Price: RM538

How to order: Here


12 | Auspicious Wishes Tea Gift Set (Purple Cane)

Photo: Purple Cane

Part of Purple Cane's festive collection for 2021, the gift set is perfect tea enthusiasts. You'll get one Celadon Tea Pot, two Celadon Tea Cups, one piece of Mini Blossom-shaped Puer, one piece of Petite Mandarin Orange Peel Puer, one box of Huang Jin Gui Oolong Tea, one piece of Qing Yun Pu Green Puer Tea Year 2019 Yunnan, one Tea Canister with Baby Chrysanthemum Herbal Tea Hangzhou, one Tea Canister with Lychee Black Tea Guangdong, two sachets of Cane's Green Tea, and one can of Green Tea Pumpkin Seeds.

Price: RM199.80

How to order: Here


13 | Luxury Prosperity Box (The St. Regis Kuala Lumpur)

Photo: The St. Regis Kuala Lumpur

The set comprises of a choice between CNY Limited Edition The Macallan 12 Years Old Double Cask Scotch Whisky or Delamotte Champagne, Mandarin Tree Cake, Cashew Nut Cookies, Pineapple Tarts, Assorted Chinese New Year Cookies, Nian Gao, Mandarin Ginger 72% Valrhona Dark Chocolate Bar, Jasmine Tea 40% Valrhona Milk Chocolate Bar, and Sichuan Chili 66% Valrhona Dark Chocolate Bar.

Price: RM988+

How to order: Here


14 | Golden Premium Treasure Hamper (Shangri-La Hotel Kuala Lumpur)

Photo: Shangri-La Hotel Kuala Lumpur

The hotel has curated a special collection of treats that are perfect for the Year of the Ox. In the set, you'll find Eight Treasure Cake, Shangri-La Praline, Premium Abalone, Premium Dried Scallop, Bird Nest, Mandarin Orange, Premium Oolong Tea, Red Wine, as well as a basket.

Price: RM988

How to order: Here


15 | Prosperity Bucket (TalkCrab)

This bucket set by TalkCrab — accommodating up to six pax — is a great gift for any seafood enthusiasts. In the bucket, you'll find 20 fried mantaos, 20 to 30 pieces of premium baby octopus, 18 pieces of premium tiger prawns, four pieces of meat crabs (400 grammes), and four portions of coconut water.

Price: RM298 nett per bucket

How to order: Contact 012 338 8838


16 | CNY Big Huat Basket (Tiny Temptress)

Photo: Tiny Temptress

The artisan patisserie's CNY set comes with eight types of cookies. They include peanut cookies, cereal cookies, butter cookies, salted egg cookies, green pea cookies, golden pineapple tart, almond cookies, and almond sablé.

Price: RM388

How to order: Here


17 | Blossom Basket (Okay Kuih)

Photo: Okay Kuih

A collaboration with Kiss The Pink, the CNY gift set comprises of four types of cookies (Earl Grey Cookie, Raspberry Swirl, Orange & Chocolate, and Pineapple Tart), two bottles of Kiss The Pink Hand Sanitiser, one set of 2021 Designated Pocket Calendar, and one Chinese New Year Greeting Card.

Price: RM188

How to order: Here


18 | Chinese New Year Tarts (Poppy Cherry Pop)

Photo: Poppy Cherry Pop

Title A Fruitful Box, the set comes with four specially-curated tarts. The Pineapple Crumble Tart comprises of homemade pineapple compote and brown sugar crumble whereas Red Fruits Tart is made with raspberry curd, lychee panna cotta with lychee chunks, and vanilla cream and fresh strawberries. Green Tea and Passion Tart has green tea ganache (from Oh Cha Matcha) and passion curd whereas Orange Tart has baked orange filling and vanilla and orange cream.

Price: RM155

How to order: Here


19 | Niú Year New Us Collection (Valen's Patisserie)

Featuring classic and contemporary treats inspired by local Chinese flavours, Valen's Patisserie's CNY delights are perfect to be savoured yourself or as gifts. The collection includes Joyful Yuzu Pineapple Tarts (RM45), Lucky Mandarin Orange Chocolate Bon Bons (RM48), Longevity Chocolate Ngaku Chips (RM25), Prosperous Pineapple Tarts (RM38), and Auspicious Chinese Peanut Cookies (RM35).

You can also opt for the Abundance of Blessing Hamper (RM188) that comprises of one portion of all the treats mentioned above as well as bamboo steamer basket and CNY decorations.

Price: From RM25 to RM188

How to order: Contact orders@valenspatisserie.com or 011 1180 1420


20 | Pop Orient Afternoon Tea (W Kuala Lumpur)

Photo: W Kuala Lumpur

In this box filled with oriental-inspired afternoon tea treats, you'll find Yen-inspired bite such as Crispy Yam Chicken Puff, Cod Fish Cheese Fillet Rolls, Golden Egg Tart, as well as Prawns, Seaweed, and Mantau Sliders. In addition, the set also comes with Lychee Rose Choux, Cranberry Goji Bon Bon, Matcha Yuzu Mahjong Bon Bon, Mandarin Orange Truffle, Osmanthus Popping Macaron, Sticky Rice Coconut Sable, Mandarin Orange Gateaux, and Chinese Pine Smoked Tea Opera.

That isn't all! The box also consists of scones as well as Chrysanthemum Rose Tea Bag and Blossoming Goji Tea Cocktail. Make sure to pre-order one day in advance.

Price: RM228 per box for two persons

How to order: Contact 012 347 9088


21 | Firecracker Cake (Elevete Patisserie)

Photo: Elevete Patisserie

Set off some firecracker with Elevete's unique Firecracker Cake. There are five cake bases to choose from — Salted Caramel Chocolate, Pandan Gula Melaka, Red Velvet, Death By Chocolate, and Butterscotch Cookies. The Firecracker Cake will be available until 26 February 2021.

Other options part of the CNY 2021 collection are Golden Cake Bites, East Meets West Platter, Classic Abundance, and Treasure Pleasure.

Price: RM188

How to order: Here


22 | Afternoon Prosperi-Tea (New World Petaling Jaya Hotel)

Photo: New World Petaling Jaya Hotel

Enjoy an afternoon tea at home or treat loves to an enhanced experience with this exciting afternoon tea set from New World Petaling Jaya Hotel for CNY. The set consists of CNY-inspired treats such as Abalone and Jelly Fish with Kerabu Sauce, Sichuan Style Wontons in Hot and Sour Vinegar, Red Bean Puff Swans, BBQ Chicken Puff, Sweet Potato with Golden Cake and Rice Cracker, as well as Steamed Pau with Chocolate Paste.

Up for some sweet selections? They include the likes of Choux au Craquelin with Salted Caramel Custard, Raspberry Breton with Chocolate, Red Velvet Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting, Blood Orange Walnut Macarons, Mini Mirror Glazed Mango Mousse Dome, Creamy Orange Mousse Dome, and Firecracker Mix Fruits Swiss Roll. The afternoon tea set also comes with coffee by Nespresso.

Price: RM108 nett per two persons

How to order: Contact 010 216 3810


23 | Prosperity Bag (Cocova)

Photo: @neeshakrish (Vaneesha) / Cocova

The Prosperity Bag is collaboration between Cocova and other local brands. In the set, you will find CNY special chocolate chip pecan cookies by Cooky, a jar of honey from thehoneyhearts, a box of tea from SevenTeaOne, and a jar of Wacky Almo chocolate coated almonds. Even better, the treats come in a reversible fabric handbag by joycewong.co.

Price: RM138

How to order: Here


Stay tuned for more CNY gift ideas!

Life might be sus right now but we deserve to treat ourselves and our loved one — whether it's delicious food, innovative tech gadgets, or just finding inner peace. So, how will you be celebrating the Year of the Ox? Remember to stay safe and adhere to the recommended health and safety guidelines... wherever you are.

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