• Ronn Tan

Malaysian designer Fern Chua's exhibition with The Balvenie to showcase one-of-a-kind artworks

Photo: The Balvenie

Hello, it's Ronn.

Whether you're a whisky enthusiast, a fan of homegrown craftsmanship or both, there's an exclusive exhibition in KL that should be on your radar. The Makers Project — by The Balvenie — will feature specially commissioned artwork from homegrown designer Fern Chua (of Fern Batik). Fern Chua joins five other Makers from the region, They include Adeline Tan (Singapore), Diela Maharanie (Indonesia), Daryl Feril (The Philippines), Vu AKA Caubetho (Vietnam), and Phannapast Taychamaythakool (Thailand).

Photo: The Balvenie

At The Makers Project exhibition, you will be able to witness Fern Chua’s The Balvenie inspired designs and be treated to a curated cinematic tasting experience (which includes two drams of The Balvenie whisky). The sensorial journey will bring The Balvenie's Five Rare Crafts to life — starting from the farmers of the homegrown barley fields and the maltmen who are in charge of the malting floors to the coppers at the cooperage and the coppersmiths. Last but not least is Malt Master David C. Stewart MBE who has spent close to six decades honing his skills as a leader of whisky making.

During the exhibition, you have the opportunity to taste both The Balvenie 12 Year Old DoubleWood and The Balvenie 14 Year Old Caribbean Cask. The former is described as having a darkly sweet and fruit palate where the latter holds a light creaminess with flavours of vanilla and sweet oak.

Photo: The Balvenie

The Balvenie is known to hold the title of being the most hand-crafted Single Malt Scotch Whisky in the world and this collaboration with Fern Chua (as well as other Makers) aims to showcase and celebrate the spirit of craftmanship — an element that's shared by all parties involved with the exhibition.

Photo: The Balvenie

If you're interested to check out the The Makers Project exhibition, head over to Pavilion Kuala Lumpur — from 3 December to 12 December 2021 — to explore the world of The Balvenie. There are two ticket options to choose from. The RM70 option includes an exclusive chocolate collection from Chocolate Concierge, The Balvenie 12 Year Old DoubleWood Miniature (5 centilitre), and one admittance to the cinematic experience with two complimentary drams. As for the RM90 option, you will be entitled to The Balvenie 14 Year Old Caribbean Cask Miniature (5 centilitre) instead.

I had the opportunity to meet Fern Chua during a tasting session organised by The Balvenie and even learned to colour batik while trying the whisky mentioned earlier. This exhibition is definitely one that's worth checking out. For more information and to get your tickets, head over to this website.

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