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A Private Sunday Roast Dining Experience at The Chow Kit

Photo: The Chow Kit

Hello, it's Ronn.

It has been a while since I last "spoke" to you but here's something I'm really excited to share. I had the opportunity to check out PRIVATE @ The Chow Kit (coincidentally, on the same day as my birthday) and here are my thoughts on the brand's newest offering.

Created to offer guests a dining out experience that's comfortable, private, and safe, PRIVATE @ The Chow Kit allows diners to enjoy their meals in a bed-less guest room with up to six people. I've been to The Chow Kit a few times and this is definitely an interesting offering worth checking out.

Photo: The Chow Kit

While The Chow Kit's PRIVATE menu has a plethora of really exciting offerings, I had the pleasure of giving the hotel's Sunday Roast a go. Priced at RM120 per person, the Sunday Roast menu is available every Sunday from 11am onwards. The weekend experience includes Australian Grain Fed Rib Eye served with Yorkshire pudding, roast potatoes, Brussels sprouts, and gravy; as well as Bread and Butter Pudding.

I'll say yes to most things that remind me of my time in the UK and a traditional Sunday Roast ticks all the right boxes. The experience began with some welcome noms in the form of fish crackers with housemate green and red sambal as well as refreshing iced berry tea. If you ever check out The Chow Kit, their sambal is a must-try.

The star of the show is, of course, the Australian Grain Fed Rib Eye. I requested mine to be prepared medium and the steak came with the usual trimmings as well as beef jus. Perfect for big eaters, diners are treated to a generous slab of steak that's adequately seasoned. The savoury gravy added richness to its flavour profile; complementing the steak with a toothsome and soothing experience on the palate.

The Yorkshire puddings, Brussels sprouts, and roast potatoes were also prepared rather decently. You can also try tasting your steak with The Chow Kit's red and green sambal for a different Sunday Roast experience. Another way you can elevate your Sunday roast experience is by pairing your meal with a glass of wine or two — or check out The Chow Kit's new cocktail menu that's curated by mixologist Shawn Chong (more on this later!).

For dessert, there's the Bread and Butter Pudding. Served with custard and fruits, expect to end your Sunday Roast experience at The Chow Kit on a sweet note. Go all in with the custard or have your pudding on its own. I don't usually like my desserts to be massively sweet so I prefer the latter.

If you're fan of brilliant cocktails, you need to check out The Chow Kit x Mizukami cocktail menu. Inspired by the Chow Kit area’s well-known past as the city’s centre of nightlife, the menu by Shawn Chong comprises of familiar favourites created using Malaysian flavours and ingredients. Some of my favourites include Kelulut Rob Roy (Monkey Shoulder, Cucielo Rosso, and kelulut honey); Jujube Moscow Mule (Stolichnaya, jujube, lime, and ginger ale); and La Paloma (Jose Cuervo Tradicional, grapefruit, lime, and soda).

The Raw Lowdon: If you're looking for a great (and tranquil) way to spend your Sunday afternoon, consider the Sunday Roast at PRIVATE @ The Chow Kit. You can stay up to a maximum of three hours in the room and dishes will be delivered by servers at set intervals. You can opt to have your meals (including Sunday Roast) downstairs at The Chow Kit Kitchen & Bar. Remember to enquire for availability before heading over.

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