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King of Steaks: The sizzling tale of the Porterhouse at Maria's SteakCafe

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If you've been following my blog, you know I have an affinity for the finer things in life — and that applies for food too (ps. does not have to expensive, though). My recent visit to Maria's SteakCafe in KLCC wasn't my first and definitely won't be my last; especially after my latest experience there.

The flagship KLCC branch is Maria's SteakCafe's newest and fifth outlet. While I've been to Maria's a few times, my latest experience there included trying out new additions to the menu. They include the Porterhouse steak and a cocktail menu curated in collaboration with Malaysian mixologist Amanda Wan.

Described by many as the "King of Steaks", the Porterhouse steak was definitely as decadent in person as it looks in pictures. The only difference? Well, you can't hear and smell the sizzling goodness. A Porterhouse steak is a combination of striploin and tenderloin — and this means you enjoy both the fine texture and buttery flavour from its fatty marble as well as tender, melt-in-your-mouth cut of beef.

Prepared using Australian Black Angus, Maria's grill and sear the beef in high heat. This goes on until a deep brown crust forms. Then, the cooking process will then be completed slowly in the oven after transferring the steak onto a ceramic plate. The real theatrics that diners can witness comes next!

A massive plate will be placed on the table — with the steak served sizzling hot and pre-sliced. This is when you can take it the ambrosial aroma of buttery and lush delight. If you want to, get your camera and start taking photos or videos (or both) while the Porterhouse is basted with a combination of melted brown butter and beef tallow.

The Porterhouse is priced at RM50 per 100 grammes and is enough to be shared between two. If you're looking for a unique culinary experience, the Porterhouse steak might just do the trick. It sure did satisfy my dark, hungry soul.

In addition to the Porterhouse steak, Maria's SteakCafe's menu also comprises of a plethora of special cocktail concoctions by the one and only Amanda Wan — which are only available at the KLCC outlet. She created 10 different options for the restaurant and I had the opportunity to try some of them. What's the common theme among these creations? They are created with the flavours and memories of Ipoh in mind (the origin of the brand).

My favourites include the Apple Treacle, Earl Grey Tea-Ni, St. Aperol Spritz, and Pompaloma. The latter is also a great option to pair with your Porterhouse steak! Definitely check out Maria's if you're down (or up?) for a boozy avalanche of interesting locally-inspired cocktails.

(From L to R: Aperol Spritz, Violet Tonic, Pompaloma, Cafe Negroni, Earl Grey Tea-Ni, Apple Treacle, Oolong Fashioned, Sesame Sour, Maria's Michelada, and Classic Espresso Martini)

Overlooking KLCC Park, Maria's Signature is perfect for a night out with loved ones, a solo culinary stop, or even a business-and-dine session. If you're at KLCC, you will also find Maria's SteakCafe in Bangsar, Sunway, and Damansara Perdana (as well as Ipoh, of course).

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